With Xceed Nightgraph you can create unlimited tracking links (from now on called "Promoters") to track your promoters' performance, or specific marketing campaigns' results.

Just log in to Xceed Nightgraph (if you don't have an account you can create one here) and follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the Channels section

  2. Click on Team

Now you can decide whether to organize your Promoters in teams (A) or to keep independent (B).


  1. Click on Create Team

2. Give the Team a Name and, if you want, Commissions, VIP conditions and Bonus.
3. Assign the Team one or more Team Leaders through the Add Team Leader function

4. Create the promoters you want to be part of this Team clicking on Add Promoters and following the same steps as in the Section B.



  1. Click on Add Promoters

2. Once the slider is open, insert Promoters' Name (mandatory) and Email (optional) and then click on Save

[If you want your promoters to have access to Nightgraph (they won't have access to anything else but their own results), you have to insert their Email. When you do so, they will receive an automatic email with their login details].

If you want to check the url of the Promoter you just created, click on his name and all the details inserted will show up.

YOU'RE ALL SET! Easy, isn't it?

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