Click on Create Event and fill out all information:

  • Title: Choose a title for your event. Do not use CAPITAL letters in the tittle. 

  • Image: Upload a High Quality 1350 x 500 pixels picture. Choose wisely, this picture will be public on Xceed and we want to represent you in the best way. Add a well crafted picture with artists names and relevant information embedded.

  • Event Description: Add a description in english and in your country’s language. It’s important given that most international customers speak english. Also try to convey your message in the description, tell customers why they want to come to your party!

  • Music genres: Choose the event music genres, if they are the same that you setup in your venue thair tag will appear in this box. Otherwise refine your choice by choosing among preset music genres

  • Vibe: Choose the vibe between presets

  • Artists: Enter the name of the artists playing at your event

  • Dress Code: Choose what type of dress code you prefer

  • Age: Choose the minimum age

TIP: don't forget to set up your schedule! Imagine we want to create an event for Friday 7th September night. We want people to see our event for friday so we will make the starting hour at 23:59 pm of Friday 7th september! A common mistake is to set the event at 00:00am of Friday 7th, which is almost 24 hours before the event starts!


Guest List, Ticket, Bottle Service  and  Special Deal

  • Guest List, Ticket and Special Deal

  • Guest List: Add a guest list for your event, customers will subscribe to the guestlist when is added. You can add a price to be paid at the door. Don’t forget to add a description

  • Ticket: Create your ticket, you can add your price and ticket description. You can create as many as you want. Same here, don’t forget to add a description.

  • Special Deal: Use this button to create special deals: One deal could be: VIP pass, access to rooftop or: Admits 5 people with one drink each.

  • Bottle Service

  • Use this option to add bottles deals, write the price and add a description.


By default all your sales options will be made public to all customers and users but you can refine the functionalities to hide or make private a Guestlist, ticket, Special Deal or Bottle Service.

Tip: You can chose a name for your tickets or use the default name.


If an offer is set to Public it will appear online, in the event link or promoter link (if you use the option to "Make this offer available for:". Those options will show up if you click on the wheel next to the bin icon.

If you have created "Presets" you can just click on the little arrow and all your predefined presets will show up.

You can also define when the sale of the tickets/lists will start and end. When the last tickets on sale are not longer on sale, you will receive a recap email with all the sales information.


  • Ticket and Special Deal:

When you make a Ticket or Special offer private, you choose to share it only with specific persons or groups. The offer will not be available online, so this means that no one, even with the promoters personal link. will be able to see this ticket. This is a very useful option if you do not want everyone to be able to see a certain offer.

Only the directors and organizers of the event and the promoter (using the add guest option) will be able to add guests to this offer, so this is a more manual process as nobody will be able to buy this offer online.


When the sales of a ticket or guest list reach your maximum cap or time, they will show up automatically as Sold Out. You can also set a Sold Out manually.


  • Put your Guest List or Ticket in Hidden if you want to hide the promotion from all channels

Click on the setting wheel on the bottom right of the Ticket or Special Deal window and open a drop down menu where you will be able to choose between two options:

  • Nominative tickets: Choose this if you want your tickets to be Nominative. Customer will be asked to write their full  name on the check out and they will appear on the tickets. You can also choose to ask for more information such as Id, phone, age etc. You can also type a custom Field, see picture below.

  • Non nominative ticket, this is the default option in Xceed.  

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