It is very important to showcase your events on Facebook, as it will be a tool that many of your guests will use to find parties and get tickets.

1. How to use the Facebok tab 

We can provide you with a link to install a Page Tab for Facebook that will showcase the events that you upload in Xceed directly on Facebook.

After you get the link you will be prompted with the following screen:

Just click on Add Page Tab!

When the process is finished a “Guest Lists and Tickets” Tab will appear. Your events will now appear on your facebook Tab and potential clients will be able to buy tickets directly from there!

2. How to change the position of the tab 

If you’d like to change the name and position of the Tab in order for it to appear on top of your list, follow this instructions:

  • Click on Settings on the top right corner and next on Edit Page
  • Rearrange the tabs by clicking on the three lines next to the tab’s name and dragging it up to the highest position.
  • Click on Settings to change the name of the tab.

  • Change the name of the tab and click on Save. You can also add a custom Tab image by clicking on Change next to Tab image and uploading your image

Once logged into Nightgraph, on your Dashboard click on the View button on the event you want to promote. Copy the direct link to the event on the browser top bar. 

This is your promoter link. You can use this link to promote your event on Facebook and in your website. Remember that you can also install our web plugin to sell your tickets.

  • In the Events tab on Facebook, click on Create Event. 
  • Fill out all the information related to the event. Under Description remember to paste the Promoter link at the end of the description of the event, it makes it easier to sell!
  • Add your promoter link were it says Tickets. Click on Publish when you have completely filled out the form.

Tip: Use a URL shortener to publish the links in the Event description, it is nicer and tidier. You can use Google URL shortener for this: or also BitLy:

Your event has now a call to action button, people will be able to buy directly from your event!

5. How to add a "Shop now" button to your Facebook page

To increase sales and to redirect potential buyers to your Xceed event page list or to your website ticket plugin it’s a good idea to add a Shop Now button to your FB page.

  • Click on Add a Button on the top right corner of your FB page and Choose the option, Make a Purchase or Donation, then click on Shop Now

  • Add your generic promoter link to this page that you find on Nightgraph under Channels > Team ( refer to point  above) and Click on Add Button.
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