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I bought a ticket and I can't find it
I bought a ticket and I can't find it

What to do if you do not find your confirmation PDF

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When you buy a ticket on Xceed, an email with the ticket in PDF format is sent immediately after to the email address you provided.

If you already have an account in Xceed, you will also find the tickets in the My tickets section of the the Xceed App or website.  If you don't have an account yet, you can create one in a few seconds :)

So if you can't find the ticket it could be for a few things: 

  1.  The email with the PDF containing your ticket has been labeled as spam by your provider, so remember to check the spam folder too!

  2. You have a typo in your email. We are all humans! Just open a chat here, let us know the correct email and we will forward the tickets to the correct email.

  3. Your credit card transaction might not have worked. Sometimes credit cards are a bit tricky! If you filled all your credit card details and the payment went fine you should have seen a screen like this one where you can also see your Order ID number.

If you did not arrive to this screen, you probably do not have your tickets, but in some rare cases the bank will have debited your money in your account. This money (that looks like you already paid the ticket) is just withheld by your bank and will come back to your account automatically in the next few days.

In case you can't find your ticket anywhere, contact us through the chat or send us an email to (remember to include the name you used to book the tickets, the date and the venue where the event is held and, if you have it, the transaction number and the last 4 digits of your credit card).

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