Promoters: How to use Nightgraph

Quick guide, how to use nighgraph to promote events and check current event statistics and information

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First of all, as a promoter, you need to login with your browser, or smartphone browser at with your email and password. 

Do not login from the Xceed app or the Xceed door app as those apps are non intended to be use by promoter.

  1. Dashboard

  • Below a screenshot of what your dashboard with all your events in the chosen venue should look like. Click on the event to access all Promoter’s functionalities in Nightgraph


  • Click on promote

  • Use the link provided under “Share your event” to share your events with your friends and clients. Using this link, all sales to this event will be coming under your username.

  • You can also share your events using Facebook or Twitter.


  • Click on the  Add Guests button, to manually add guests to your event. 

  • Choose the Channel under which you want to add your guests

  • Select the type of offer that your guests will take advantage of. As a promoter, you can add guest to a guestlist or a ticket. Remember that if you add guests into a ticket, you are responsible of collecting the amount.

  • Add guests names individually or as a group

  • Click on Add guest, you should receive  a notification that tells you that your guests have been added successfully

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