Promoters: How to use Nightgraph

Quick guide, how to use nighgraph to promote events and check current event statistics and information

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First of all, as a promoter, you need to login with your browser, or smartphone browser at or on the Nightgraph app with your email and password. 

Do not login from the Xceed app as this is not intended to be used by promoter.

When a event organiser adds you to be a promotor you will receive an email like this with your link and a button to set up your password on Nightgraph as a promotor

Once registered this is what you will be able to see:

1. Dashboard

  • Depending on how many venues you work with you will be able to chose the venue and then the event where you ant to add clients or look at your sales. Click on the event to access all Promoter’s functionalities in Nightgraph


  • By clicking on the view button you will open a page with your link to buy tickets

  • This this the link you should share with your customers. It ends in Channel--(your name)


  1. Click on the  Add Guests button, to manually add guests to your event. 

  2. The channel will automatically be your own. You can only add people to the gust list. Paid tickets should be bought by clients directly on your link.

    The amount of gusts you can add in a go depends on the setting of the gust list created. It can be that you can add only one at a time or maybe 50. check with the event organiser

3. Click on Add guest, you should receive  a notification that tells you that your guests have been added successfully

4. Check your sales reports

Click on the button report to check all sales done via your link, who they were and when they happened.

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