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With Xceed Nightgraph you can create unlimited promotion links (from now on
called Promoters) to measure the work of your public relations, your partners or the specific result of a marketing campaign.

  • Click on the Marketing section on the top bar, and you will see the Performance grid for your team. 

  • Click on Team

Now you can decide whether to organize your public relations in teams (A) or keep them independent (B).


  • To add PR (Promoters) you need to go to:  Marketing > Team > Create Promoter. 

  • Add the Promoter Name +  Surname and the Promoter Email (optional, but we strongly recommend it!) and click save. An email will be sent to the promoter with a temporary password. He or she will be able to access the venue, but he/she will only be able to see his/her events and his/her clients. You can also add several promoters at once, just click on the Add button.

Tip: If you are operating in different venues, click on the "Add to All Venues" checkbox to add the promoter to all venues.

  • Once created, you can click on the name of the promoter that will appear on the screen and get the PROMOTER LINK. This is his personal link from which he/she can sell tickets or add guest to guest-lists. The club owner will know exactly what guest have checked in and from which promoter they came.

You can also click on the letter next to the promoter name to see the link and further details:


  • Click on Create Team

  • Give the team a name and assign a team leader to it.

  • Create all the promoters that will be part of this Team, clicking on Add Promoters

Adding a promoter team, allows team leaders to control the performances of their team. It is also a way to regroup promoters under one tree and create group commissions and group bonuses for the team or team leader bonuses. If you’d like to create a team of promoters, you can do so by clicking on Create Team

Click on the assign commission orange button, where you can set a team Bonus to reward the performance of the group. This is usually an incentive for the team leader.

You will need to create some commissions as a preset before assigning them. Choose between Daily, Weekly or Monthly accounting cycles. The measure is based on attendance, so choose the commission (fixed or per person) based on the number of attendees, see section below for more information about commissions and their structure.


  • Click on Marketing on the top bar

  • Click on Create Commission. In the example below, we create a commission per person in our guest list, in a monthly cycle basis.

  • Click on create. Your new commission will be saved on the Offers section.

You can now apply the same commission to all promoters by assigning this commission type to each.  

3.1 Commission types:

Accounting cycles

Accounting cycles are used to pay commissions based on Daily, Weekly or Monthly results.

  • Daily: Choose this option if you want to add different commissions based on the day of the week that they bring in clients

  • Weekly: Choose this option if you want to pay a commission based on weekly results.

  • Monthly: Choose this option if you want to pay commission based on monthly results

3.2 Accounting method

Choose how you want to structure the commission:

  • Bonus: Use this option if you want to pay a commission based on a minimum amount of people brought in by the PR. If the minimum amount of people is not reached, the commission will not be paid. You can set up several structures to pay different commission for different levels. The commission can be paid:

  • Per pax: Fixed amount per person.

  • Per Fixed: Fixed amount if the number of people is included within the minimum and maximum number. 

  • Variable: If you want to pay based on the number of people brought in by the promoter:

You can also customize the commission structure based on:

  • Tickets, Guest Lists, Bottle service, Check-in, VIP

Choose how you want to pay the commission

  • Fixed: a fixed amount

  • Percentage: a percentage of the offer

  • Fill in the table based on what criteria you want to pay the commission on:

  • Min number of attendees: write here the minimum number of attendees from which you want to start paying the commission, leave blank if you want to pay the commission for every client brought in

  • Woman/Men Free: Write a commission here if you want to pay your PR for non-paying customers

  • Woman/Man Paying: Write a commission here if you want to pay your PR for  paying customers

If it’s all the same, just fill in the table completely with the same commission.

Don't forget to click on save :)


Presets are VERY useful because you can load a predefined offer that will be later on available for all your events.

To do so, navigate to the Offers page, create an offer, and save it. You can later on assign it to your team of PR or sales channel.

That was easy!

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