You can check-in guests quickly by downloading our Nightgraph Club Manager (not the Xceed app) app in the Play Store or App Store. Thanks to it, you will know how many customers attended the event, at which hour and you will also get more valuable insights.

1. Set up door managers and staff

Any user in your venue or organization can check in guests login in the NightGraph app with their email and password.

You can also set up a user which only purpose is to check in guests, without having access to other information like revenue of the event. That user is called Door Manager

Here's an example of a Director (who can check in guests and see revenue, tickets, stop sales, etc) and a Door Manager profile, who just can check in tickets.

If you want to add more door managers with their own email, click add user and follow those steps.

The recap emails feature sends a email to all people in your organization when the last sales of tickets close. This means that if you are selling tickets/guestlist until 01.00 am (for example) at 1.01am you will receive a pdf recap with all your sales.

2. How does a Xceed ticket look?

Below you will find a screenshot of a digital ticket. Every customer on Xceed will receive his/her tickets in this format. All tickets  include a QR Code that can be used to check them in with the Nightgraph Club Manager app.

3. How to check-in guests

  • Press on the event image and you will be redirected to the Guest list.

 After clicking on the event you will find the following screen:


You can now check in guests Manually or using the QR Code Scanner in the app:

2.1 Manual check-in

You can check-in guest manually by pressing on the corresponding guestlist and adding the number of guests by clicking on the right icon based on sex gender.

You can also add extra guests to the guest-list, those will not be counted on the total count but will increase the total count. 

2.2 Using the QR Scanner

Press on the QR Scanner image and start scanning your tickets.

A “CORRECT” green banner will appear if there are still available slots on the reservation 

If the ticket has already been scanned, you will be shown a yellow banner: “Ticket already scanned”.

2.3 Maximum Quantity Reached MQR

If a message saying “Maximum Quantity reached” appears like in the picture below is because you have checked in all the guests. This message appears after the total quantity has been reached, no matter how they have been checked in.


  • If some guests have been added manually, say 2 out of 4, then our App will only accept the first 2 QR Codes, after which you will receive the MQR Popup like the picture below

2.4 Add Show Ups

Click on the Show ups tab on the bottom right of the screen and add Guests manually based on their gender and the type of entry that you would like to provide them with ( Gratis or Extra).

2.5 Add promoter list guests 

You can add guests invited by promoters directly in the App by Clicking on Promoters and choosing the promoter name. The number of guests that each promoter brings are also shown on your NIghtgraph Dashboard.

2.Delete guests from Guestlists

This can only be done through the Web Nightgraph version. It is not possible to add nor delete guests from the app. To do so, click on Door management on the Event page and then click on Edit/History next to the Guest name. Delete one by one the guests if the Guest list has more than one entrance associated with it.

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