How to view statistics and reports of your events

Learn how to manage your numbers easily with Nightgraph

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Nightgraph incorporates a Report and stats dashboard that will help you in the daily management of your event, club or your sales as a promoter.

To access the reports just click on Statistics

La pantalla de reportes varía dependiendo de si tu evento ha terminado o no.

1. If your event is not yet finished

You can see the number of reservations, the online income generated in sales, the percentage of reservations according to visualizations of the event and the weather forecast for the day of the event.

A little further down, on the next dashboard you wil see the number of tickets sold or people on the list that has signed up for your event. You can also see at a glance the number of available tickets and other valuable information.

In the final part of this section you will find the number of visits to your event and from which promoter they come from.

2. If your event is over

You will see the following screen:

  1. Attendees: total attendees to the event without counting the staff you have added.

  2. Online income: here you will find the total number of tickets sold online.

  3. Attendance rate: this data shows the percentage of attendance in relation to your tickets sold and people listed.

  4. Rush hour: the moment of greatest affluence to your event

  5. Visits to the event: number of times your event has been viewed

In successive screens you can find information about your tickets, attendance rate of each type of ticket, online generated income, etc.

You can also visualize which promoters brought more clients to the event and some comparative graphs by day, week or hour.

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