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How to view statistics and reports of your events

Learn how to manage your numbers easily with Nightgraph

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Nightgraph now incorporates an analytics dashboard. Besides your regular event performance data that will help you in the daily management, you can now also have a global view.

You also have a new general view of the events with a summary of your events data

  • Tickets sold

  • Bottle service

  • Guest list

  • Passes

  • Online revenue

  • Event views

Events have different tags and colours according to their status:

  • Live

  • Hidden

  • Private

  • Sold out

You can also search with your events with the new filter

  • A specific date

  • The day of the week in which they occur

  • By revenue

1. Analytics dashboard

When opening your Nightgraph page on the left side click on "Analytics"

You can now check all you numbers on a company level instead of per event and apply any filter:

A) By event

  • You can see the general data of your event like Revenues or booking for the next 365 days

  • What are your best-selling events in terms of gross profit and number of bookings as a list or a graph

  • Filter your data by dates

  • Filter by venue, type of sales and currency

B) By booking date

Check out on which days you sell more tickets and what are the most booked event by day

Again you can filter by any date range, one or all your venues, type of sales and currency

2. Event performance

You can still also see in real time how the sales, views and promotors of your events are doing.

1. If your event is not yet finished

You can see the number of reservations, the online income generated in sales and the percentage of reservations according to visualizations of the event

A little further down, on the next dashboard you will see the number of tickets sold or people on the list that has signed up for your event. You can also see at a glance the number of available tickets and other valuable information.

In the final part of this section you will find the number of booking and visits to your event and from which promoter they come from.

2. If your event is over

You will see the following screen:

  1. Online revenue: here you will find the total number of tickets sold online.

  2. Attendees: total attendees to the event without counting the staff you have added.

  3. Attendance rate: this data shows the percentage of attendance in relation to your tickets sold and people listed.

  4. Total booking: total number of bookings including guest list and imported tickets

  5. Event views: number of times your event has been viewed

In successive screens you can find information about your tickets, attendance rate of each type of ticket, online generated income, etc.

You can also visualize which promoters brought more clients to the event and some comparative graphs by day, week or hour.

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