Nightgraph App - Add Guest

Your promoter can add guest easily from Nightgraph App!

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You can download the Application for your device from the Play Store or App Store.

Assign your preferred ticket type, VIP table or guest list in just a few taps

Select the event, type of admission, and quantity. Then add the guest name and (optional) contact details.

Sit back and relax! Your guest will receive a confirmation email with an immediately valid QR code!

Say goodbye to the chaos of last-minute Whatsapp lists!

Empower your team of promoters and ambassadors

Wondering what happens to your PRs, promoters and affiliates? Well, this new feature is immediately available on their dashboards and Apps as well! No more last-minute lists sent via Whatsapp in the middle of the night. No more missed names from paper guest lists flying around!
Assign your preferred quotas to each of your team members or partners, track in real-time their performance, and edit any setup with a few simple clicks.

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