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The success of your event depends on many factors but specially on who your customers. It is important to make sure they want to come back fro more.

Nightgraph now has a new view on your customers, how to filter and export them.

When entering Nightgraph on the left hand side you can click on the customer tab

On this page you have a list of all clients who have ever bought a ticket from you

1.Filter your customers

You can now filter your customers by:

  • Date

  • Marketing consent

  • Email given

  • Language

  • Venue

2. Export your data

Once filtered or if you prefer all the raw data, you can download it to a CSV file and edit it as much as you need

  1. Click on export in the top right corner

  2. Chose what what should be the separation mark and click Export to get your CSV file

    This new version also is faster and getting downloads of heavy files with lost of purchases.

3. Example

You are going to Launch a new event and want to email your previous customers. You want to make sure you speak to them in their preferred language for higher odds of converting this email into a sale.

In this case open your customer tab and filter by all your customers in the last year who provided their email and used the website in Spanish for example. You can then easily export the list to a CSV file and use any email platform to send out your communication.

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