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Create Artists on Xceed and link them to your event and sell via Spotify
Create Artists on Xceed and link them to your event and sell via Spotify
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When creating an event you can add a description, the type of music that will play as well as the dress code or age limit. One of the most crucial details is who your artist will be.

By creating an artist profile not only will people be able to hear his music you will also place better on SEO rankings and therefore reach a larger audience.

We also have a Spotify integration so that you can sell tickets to your event with an artist directly form the artist profile.

Artists profiles are linked to Spotify or Soundcloud and can easily be added. Here is how:

  1. When setting up your event on the info tab you have the option to fill in your artists

  2. Type the artists name:

    1. Some artist already have a profile in the platform for example "Marco Carola" so you just have to select it

    2. Others need to be created by clicking on create new and adding the Soundcloud and Spotify links

      1. The Spotify link added needs to be an artist profile for example "" and the soundcloud link the plain artist version ""

        Click on create and the artist profile will now be linked to your event

Spotify tickets

Once you have linked the artist to your event, if they have Spotify and your event is public you will also be able to sell tickets via there artist profiles

When opening Spotify and looking for the artist Sven Väth you can see which events he is performing in the next few days

Customers can chose the city they would like to go to and buy tickets

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