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​ Follow these steps and your event will be up and running in no time.

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Click on Create Event and fill out all information:

  • Title: Choose a title for your event. Do not use CAPITAL letters in the tittle.Β 

  • Event time: define the duration of the event.

Be careful! If, for example, your event is on Friday night to Saturday night, you should set the start time to 23.59 on Friday. It is a common mistake to put 00.00, which would indicate that the event starts at 00.00 am on Friday, i.e. the night from Thursday to Friday.

Click Continue and fill in all the required information:

  • Image: Upload a High Quality 1920 x 1080 pixels picture (16:9 scale) or 960x 870 pixels for better view on the mobile device. Choose wisely, this picture will be public on Xceed, and we want to represent you in the best way. Add a well crafted picture with artists names and relevant information embedded.

  • Event Description: Add a description in the different languages we have available on our platform (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German and Catalan). This is important as most international customers speak English. Try to get your message across in the description, tell customers why they should come to your party!

  • Music genres: Choose the event music genres, if they are the same that you set up in your venue, their tag will appear in this box. Otherwise, refine your choice by choosing among preset music genres

  • Vibe: Choose the vibe between presets

  • Artists: Enter the name of the artists playing at your event

  • Dress Code: Choose what type of dress code you prefer

  • Age: Choose the minimum age, door policy access.

  • Opening hours: Select the time your event starts, or you open the accesses.



It's time to place your Admission Offers for your event: You have up to 3 options: Guest List, Tickets, Bottle Service.

2.1 - Guest List, Tickets and Bottle Service

  • Guest List: add a guest list for your event. Customers will subscribe to this guest list when they book. You can add a price to pay at the door, don't forget to add a description!

  • Tickets: When creating your tickets you can add their price, description and other details such as how long they will remain available or the number of tickets at a given price.

  • Bottles / Tables: use this option for selling Bottle Services. If you have a map where you want to show the location of these tables, you can also generate it.

Tip: you can give your tickets a custom name by clicking on the pencil icon.

By default, all your Offers will be made public to all customers and users, but you can refine the visibilities, just by clicking on Advanced Settings, which is at the bottom left of the Offer.
​Tip: You can also add the description of your Offers in the different languages we have available, just as you have done in the Event Description:

2.2 Public Mode

If an offer is set to Public, it will appear online, in the event link, your website (in case you have our Widget installed) and any promoter-sales channel link.

You can also define when the sale of the Tickets / Guest Lists will start and end.

When the last tickets on sale are no longer on sale, you will receive a recap email with all the sales information.

2.3 Private Mode:

When you make a ticket or special offer private, you choose to share it only with specific people or groups.

When you click on Advanced Settings at the bottom left, you will see several visibility options appear, such as the "Sales Channels" option where you can assign a specific number of tickets/list for each sales channel or promoter.

If you do it in Import Only mode, only the promoter will be able to see that offer and add customers when logged into Nightgraph, but it will not be able to be purchased directly online.

If you want the tickets to be limited to certain promoters, but still be available for purchase online, you should set it to "On Sale" visibility.

2.4 Sold Out Mode

When the sales of a Ticket or Guest List reach your maximum cap or time, they will show up automatically as Sold Out. You can also set a Sold Out manually.

2.5 Hidden Mode

Put your Guest List or Ticket in Hidden if you want to hide the promotion from all channels

2.6 More Options

Clicking on Advanced Settings at the bottom left of the Tickets or Guest List window will open a drop-down menu where you can choose from other options:

  • Non-nominative ticket, this is the default option in Xceed.

  • Nominative tickets: Choose this if you want your tickets to be Nominative. The customer will be asked to write their full name on the check-out, and they will appear on the tickets. You can also choose to ask for more information such as Id, phone, age etc. You can also type a custom Field, see picture below.

2.7 Offers order

Once you have created all your orders you can decide what order you would like to have them in.

  1. Click on Edit and then offers

  2. You can click on the existing offers and move them around as shown in the video


If you want to run a promotional campaign with an Access Code, you can set it up very easily.

You should generate the Offer, put in Limited Visibility, and put in an Access Code, any, and which you are going to promote. For example:

This code must be entered by the end customer if he/she wants to benefit from this price.

At the public event, this special offer will appear, available for purchase by the buyer.

4. What your client receives

Once completing the payment all clients get a success page on the website where they can download a PDF with their tickets.


They will also receive an email with the PDF of Tickets and the possibility to add the tickets to the apple or google wallet


Most tables and VIP areas are quite expensive, and you might prefer to get part of the payment at the reservation and the other part at the door. Here is how you can set them up

Create a down payment on Nightgraph

  1. Create your VIP/Bottle Service offer as usually by clicking on offers -> Create admissions - > Bottle Service

  2. Set up the name, color, size, availability, description and total price of your offer and in the bottom left corner click on "accept down payments"

  3. Set the down payment value you wish to charge the client, and therefore what they will need to pay at the door. In this case the price is €100 and the down payment of €20 meaning the client will pay €80 at the door

  4. At the end, make sure you click on create

  5. Your client's tickets will be specific on the conditions. Here is an example of what a PDF would look like:

  6. At the door, you can use the app to scan the tickets. This will show up:

    Green means the tickets are valid, but as you can see in yellow, there are still €625 to pay.

  7. When clicking on the yellow area saying €625 you will have the option to confirm the client has paid the remaining balance:

  8. Click confirm. Now the tickets are fully paid for and check in:

Once you have finished, you can save your event as a draft or publish it directly.

Congratulations, your event has started!

Now it's time to set your Channels Links, check it out!

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