Create and manage Guest-Lists

Easily add guests to your event

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1. How to add guests

  • Click on your Event image or click on Report under the event image

  •   Click on the Add Guests button, to manually add guests to your event.

  •  Choose the Channel under which you want to add your guests

  •  Select the type of offer that your guests will take advantage of

  •  Add guests’ names individually or as a group

  •  Click on Add guest 

After this step you should receive a notification telling you that your guests have been added successfully

2. Import guestlists from an Excel CSV file:

If you have a guest list in Excel you must follow the next steps to import it:

2.1 Create your Excel List using the following format and the Save As CSV file.

  • Code: 1,2,3 and so on

  • Name and last name

  • Quantity: This is the number of guests on the list, including the first guests. So in the example Eloi Herrero + 1 = Quantity 2

2.2. Click on import and select your file. You will now see a screen where you need to match your columns "code" "first name", etc and then check the "Remove first Rows".

Important: It's mandatory to use a code, either a number or a personal code you would like to use for the event.


2.3. Click on confirm and you will see the confirmation screen telling you that your guests were added to the event. As you can see the quantity matches the example of 10 people.

you need to import your list only once. Importing it more than once will duplicate all the guests!

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