Check in at the door with Nightgraph Door Access 2.0 App

Check your guests with the door app

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You can download the door control application for your device from the Play Store or App Store. Remember that the app also works offline, but you need to load your event before it starts with an Internet connection.

Once you download the app, you will find the login screen.

Then, enter your password and if you forgot it, simply click Forgot your password? to reset it.

1. What does an Xceed ticket look like?

Below is a screenshot of an Xceed digital ticket. All Xceed customers who enter their email will receive their tickets in this format. All entries include a QR code that can be used to register them with the Nightgraph Club Manager application.

PDF email version:

APP version:

2. How to check in an assistant

Click on the event title from the app and you will be redirected to the guest list

Β  After clicking on the event, you will find the following screen:

If you click on a name you will be able to register that name manually. Next to the name you will see the number of listed attendees or tickets that that person has purchased. You can also register attendee using the QR code scanner in the application:

2.1 Manual check-in

You can check in a guest manually by clicking on the corresponding guest list and adding the number of guests by clicking on the icon on the right depending on the genre.

2.2 Using the QR Scanner

Click on the image of the QR scanner and start scanning the tickets.

A green sign will appear indicating the number of attendees left to check on that booking.

If the ticket has already been scanned, you will be shown a yellow sign with the message "Ticket already scanned" and the time it was scanned.

If the ticket is not valid for the event you will see the following message in red.

2.3 Full Reservation

When a booking is complete you will see a message on the screen telling you that all tickets in the booking have been checked in.

2.4 Show Ups tabs

Click on the Show Ups tab at the bottom right of the screen.

Add guests manually according to their gender and the type of ticket you want to provide (Free or Extra). By clicking on "Extra" you can define the price of the ticket.

2.5 Adding guests by promoters

You can add guests by the promoters name directly in the app by clicking on Promoters and choosing the name of the promoter. The number of guests each promoter brings is also displayed on your Nightgraph control panel.

2.6 Filters

At the top right of the app you will find several useful filters. You can filter by type of entry or by sales channel.

2.7 Options

From the events tab click on the wheel to access your options.


The advanced check-in allows you to differentiate between "male and female" attendees and the "Special" check-in allows you to add an extra field for your VIP clients that will always be at zero cost.

You can also activate and deactivate the option of Refund at the Door.

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