How to set up your company and venue

How to set up your company and venue

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Once you are logged in, click on the image at the top right and then click on Settings.

Complete the required information under Venue, Users and Company:


In this section, you can add:

路 Phone and description of your club: The description should be added in as many languages as possible to reach a wider audience. We strongly recommend using this option and clicking in the top right corner next to the text box to change the language in which you want to enter the description.

路 Atmosphere, music genre and dress code and age policy.

Cover image and logo: both must be in high resolution and following a specific size, 500 x 500 for the logo and 135 x 500 for the cover image.

Photos: add the best HD images of your club. People who don't know you should be impressed!


Here you can add users and give them full or partial access to your club.

Click on Add User, fill in the details and choose one of the following options:

路 Director: Has full access to the club and can add users.

路 Organizer: A club organizer can see only their own events. However, like the Director, they can also be configured to have access to club Promoters, and Door Managers. But, unlike the Director, they can only see their own statistics and events.

路 Door Manager: access to view guest lists and tickets. More info, here:


Here you can fill in your company details. Don't forget to add your Tax ID - VAT # and IBAN.

We cannot process your payments per ticket sold until you provide us with this information.

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