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Online Sales Payments Flow

Every Tuesday, all events of the week before (until Saturday) are paid.

Refunds done after tickets have been paid out to clubs will be discounted the first week of the next month.

Company details

Before proceeding with a payment, we will need all the legal information:

  • Company Legal Name – The legal name of the company or the sole proprietor (not the commercial name of the party).

  • IBAN – without spaces.

  • BIC/Swift – without this value the transfer will not be processed (if you don’t know it, by inserting your IBAN in this website:

You can fill this info directly in Nightgraph, in the company settings sections or contact directly your account manager.

Special payments

If there is any change to usual recipient of the payment, let your account manager or change the above values in Nightgraph before Monday evening.


Xceed is an agent:

  • Clubs & Organizers don’t have to generate invoices to receive the money generated from the online ticket sales - the tickets themselves are technically a simplified invoice.

  • Xceed will generate invoices for any relevant fees and commissions on a weekly basis after the payments.

  • For any invoicing doubt or request, you can contact as at

Company details for invoicing – without this information Xceed will not be able to generate invoices

  • Company Legal Name – The legal name of the company or the sole proprietor.

  • VAT – to be added WITHOUT the country code (example for Spanish VAT: not ESBxxxx but Bxxxx).

  • Address: not the complete address, only street and street number (here we need the legal address of the company/sole proprietor, not the address of the club/event).

  • Postal Code.

  • City.

  • Country.

You can fill this info directly in Nightgraph in the company settings or contact directly your account manager.

You have an article where we explain how to do it: Here.

Payment & Accounting Communication

Automatic emails

  • The recap of sales are sent weekly after the transfers are done.

  • The invoices are sent monthly.

  • To receive the automatic emails, fill the β€œemail” field in the company settings in Nightgraph.

Special documents

For any specific document or question, you can always contact your account manager or email us at

We value customer satisfaction more than anything, and we will be happy to support you at any moment.

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