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[New] Sell complementary products and services as add-ons to your admissions
[New] Sell complementary products and services as add-ons to your admissions

Use our new Add-ons tool, and offer extras and services that your customers can pay for in the checkout process!

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You can now add services and Add-ons to your various sales options within your event.

If you have a shuttle service to the venue, or you want to sell a drinks voucher, or you are going to offer a refund insurance, or any other service you want to complement your event offers, now you can create it with our new Add-ons tool!


Start first by generating all the Add-ons within the Offers section; enter from the top bar:

Then click at Add-Ons section:

There, click on + Create Add-ons Preset.

You will see the different options you can add:

  • Drinks :: Sell extra drinks or drinks voucher for all the buyers of your event. Use it to sell any type: water, mixed drinks, cocktails, etc; whatever you want!

  • Transport :: If you are going to offer transportation service to your event, use this add-on. You can sell Bus or Taxi service if your event takes place in a place with difficult access.

  • Accommodation :: Use this add-on if you are going to offer accommodation to the attendees of an event. Very useful if it is a festival. You can also use it if you are going to offer camping services.

  • Insurance :: Do you have a strict refund policy? - Monetize refund requests, so your customer can request a refund by paying extra on their purchase.

  • Donations :: If you have a charity campaign or want to donate part of your income to an NGO or similar, use this add-on.

  • Others :: This is the wildcard. You can sell anything you consider appropriate. Here are some examples: Meet & Greet service with the artist, if you offer hookah in your VIP reserved area or on your terrace, if you want to sell merchandising of your venue, if you want to offer an After Party of your event, etc. .... The possibilities are endless!


Once you have generated all your preset Add-ons, go to your event and add them to your different offers as you see fit.

Go to Edit, and in each offer follow the next 3 steps:

  1. Within each offer, you will see the option Add Add-ons; click on + Add from presets, and select the ones you want to have:

You can add as many as you want; you do not need to select all of them:

2. Once associated, you can also deactivate and activate them whenever you want:

3. You can also set whether the buying an add on or not is mandatory and if one ticket can have more than one add on by clicking on the two buttons on the right hand side

  • When activated the Mandatory add-on selection you will obligate the client to chose at least one add on

  • Allow multiple selection allows the client to buy multiple add ons simultaneously

In the Add-on tab, within your event, you can see the different services-extras that you have associated to the different offers:

Be aware with add ons:

  • Add ons are always associated to the number of tickets bought. In essence if you buy 2 tickets in one reservation both you will also have 2 add ons, one for each ticket.

  • All tickets have the same add ons. You can't have in the same reservation one ticket with the add on donation and the other with merchandise. They either both have merchandise and/or donation or none at all


In the purchase process, the customer will see reflected each sale option with its Add-On. In our example, it would be like this:

The customer will be able to choose the Add-On he/she wants to buy, or continue with the purchase process without selecting any Add-On:

4. Transaction fees on Add ons

Just like tickets add ons have transaction fees. In order to incentivise add on purchases all add on fees are of 3% absorbed.


If you add on is a Bus service for 10€ the client will pay 10€. Your revenue will be 10€x(1-3%)=9.7€

Choose the add-on or extra service you want to any selling option.

Start monetizing any service within your event!

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