Create a Down Payment for your Bottle Service
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Most tables and VIP areas are quite expensive and you might prefer to get part of the payment at the reservation and the other part at the door. Here is how you can set them up

  1. Create you VIP/Bottle Service offer as usually by clicking on offers -> Create admissions - > Bottle Service

  2. Set up the name, colour, size, availability, description and total price of your offer and at the bottom left corner click on "accept down payments"

  3. Set the down payment value you wish to charge the client and therfore what they will need to pay at the door. In this case the price is 100€ and the down payment of 20€ meaning the client will pay 80€ at the door

  4. At the end make sure you click on create

  5. Your clients tickets will be specific on the conditions. Here is an example of what a PDF would look like:

  6. At the door you can use the app to scan the tickets. This will show up:

    Green means the tickets is valid but as you can see in yellow there are still 625€ to pay

  7. When clicking on the yellow area saying 625€ you will have the option to confirm the client has paid the remaining balance

  8. Click confirm. Now the tickets are fully paid for and check in

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