Sales trigger - Opening and closing your sales
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Do you have different tickets depending on how far we are from the event? Or maybe limited edition tickets with limited quantities. Do you want to create a hype for the day your tickets start selling? Now you can define all you sales trigers on Nightgraph automatically.

1. Define when your sales start

When creating a new admission you can decide when you will start selling:

  • Now (as soon as you are done with the set up)

  • At a specific date

  • After a certain offer sells out (chose from your offers which one is the trigger). This will allow the new tickets to sell as soon as the previous offer is sold out or closed.

2. Close you sales when the event starts/ends

When setting up your tickets you can chose the option of closing sales in different times:

  • When the event starts

  • When the event finishes

  • At a custom date

These will help you sale more and faster in a less manual manner. You are now ready to set your sales trigger and sell out your event!

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