How to create group tickets
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Are you struggling with getting more people into your event? Or would you just like to offer your guests the opportunity to buy a bundled ticket?

Xceed now offers you the opportunity to sell group tickets, generating separate QR codes, so all guests can arrive independently. Here is how:

  1. When on Nightgraph go to Edit and then Create admission

  2. Choose the option "Ticket":

  3. Fill in the necessary ticket information like price (per ticket), quantity of group tickets you want to make available, sales times and validity.

    To make a group ticket, you should set the minimum and maximum quantity per purchase with the same amount, which is the number of tickets the buyer will receive when purchasing.

    Here is an example to make it easier:

    You sell individual tickets for €25. However, you would like to sell a group ticket for 5 people at a discount so that each ticket only costs €20.

    Price: €20

    Quantity: Number of group tickets you want to make available

    Min qty per purchase: 5

    Max qty per purchase: 5

  4. As a result, you will have this selling page:

    The quantity is not editable by the client, making is mandatory to all 5 tickets to get this price.

The client will see the following success page and receive a PDF with 5 pages, each one with a unique QR code.


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