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How to create passes

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Do you want to offer a pass to your guest, so they can attend several or all of your events? Here is how you can do it.

How to create a pass

  1. Go on your Nightgraph page to offers

  2. Passes are created at a company level, so you can give access to all events you organize regardless of the venue

  3. You now have a new tab called Passes

  4. Click on it and then on add new pass

  5. Here is where you can set all the conditions of the pass

  • Chose your pass name and give it a color like other tickets

  • Define the price of the pass and how many will be available

  • Validly start and end: Decide when your pass will be valid. For example, from June to September

  • Day validity: You can choose if the pass is valid for all days of the week or only some.For example, only Fridays

  • Just as with tickets, you can decide which sale channels can sell passes, the information required and the min/max number of tickets that can be bought on each reservation.

    By default, all passes are nominative meaning they are always associated to a single user and the names or ID should be checked at the door to avoid sharing or reselling a pass.

Selling your passes

Once created, passes become available for all your events. By default, it is hidden, but you can change it to "on sale"

  1. Enter your event on Nightgraph and click on Edit

Your passes will show up on the pass tab as hidden and therefore not on sale on your page

2. You can start selling your pass by clicking on it and changing the status to on sale

You are only activating the sales of this pass on the landing page of this event, even though it is valid for all Fridays from June to September. This means that once the event is passed, you can't sell it anymore. Take an example, the following event on a Friday of July:

Passes are not available for purchase. You need to go into all your events and activate it

Manually adding pass holder

You can also manually add a pass holder by following these steps:

  1. Go into Nightgraph and click on offers (be careful not to click on the offers already inside of the event as that won't work)

  2. Click on passes and on the three dots on the pass you want to offer

  3. Choose under which channel you would like to add the pass holder and add his/her personal information and email. You can add as many passes as there are available for sale.

For which events is the pass available

Based on our example, you set your pass to be available for all Fridays of Summer 2024. You have put the pass on sale on all your events to increase your sales. However, you have booked a very special DJ for the opening and don't want the passes to be valid on this day. This is how you can deactivate pass validity for 1 event

  1. Go onto the pass tab on the event

  2. Click on the button on the right of the pass and change the status of the pass to inactive

You might also want to exclude only some of the pass holders from entering this event, someone who is in the black list for example. You can deactivate only some of the pass holders:

  1. Click on the three dots of you pass and then on View holders

  2. Chose from the pass holders the ones who you wish to deactivate. When scanned, these users will appear as not valid

What your users will receive

Like when buying a ticket, users will receive a PDF on their email with a QR code that will be valid multiple times. They look slightly different from a regular ticket.

Apple wallet

Users can also add their passes to their phone wallets. On their email they will have a "add to wallet" button.

The pass will then look like this on the wallet:

Passes for door managers

For a door manager, scanning a pass is no different from scanning a regular ticket.

It can be done manually

Or with the camera to scan the QR code

Like always green means valid and red means not valid.

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