How to set up your Floorplan

Set up your VIP/Tables reservations floorplan. Manage all your bottle service reservations through our advanced Table Management system.

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1. Create and manage your map

Start configuring your map from the Offers section in Nightgraph:

Go to Create Floorplan to start your configuration:

You will give a name to your floor plan, as well as a brief description of it.

The next step is to upload the image / floor plan of your VIP - Reserved Area:

Once you have uploaded your map, you can easily control and edit your tables/bottles through the Assign Admission button; you can generate as many areas/categories as you need; also the activation of more areas, or the creation of as many maps as you think appropriate, all according to the needs of your Club.

2. Create your Offers within your Map

The creation of Admissions allows you to configure the color of your Offer at any time: color, name, price, number of tables available, brief description in several languages, as well as the capacity of each table or area.

Remember that you can also edit the title of each admission, just click the pencil on its title:

Finally: Add all options or areas that you have available in your Map, always clicking on Assign Admission. In our example, the result would be the following:

3. Check your Offers and Map settings

Each time you enter Offers, you will be able to see the generated Table admissions, within the map, as well as the image of your map that you have uploaded to Nightgraph:



You can edit your maps and your admissions at any time. Just click on the right of each option:

4. Assign a Map to published events

When creating or editing your event, you can add your Map by selecting it from the Offers tab:

You can also generate your Map, within your event, as we have shown in Section 1 of this article.

5. Track the sale of your Tables / Bottles

By accessing the Report of your event, you can easily see what type of Table / Offer and at what price it has been sold:

If one of them has been sold, it will be automatically blocked on the Map, and cannot be selected again for sale.



You can now be the first to use Xceed's advanced Table Management system.

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