Before you start, make sure you have the Advanced Table Management option enabled in your venue.
You must do this from the Settings section:

  1. Create and manage your floorplan

Start setting up your map from the Presets section in Nightgraph:

Give a name to the floorplan you are creating. Also add a short description, which will help you to differentiate between your different floorplans:

Our Floorplan Editor will automatically load. With it you will be able to draw and design the whole plan of your club as well as your VIP areas and tables: 

Consult with your Account Manager, he/she will be able to help you with the design of your Map. 

Once created, you will be able to easily control and edit your tables/bottles, as well as your areas/categories. You will also be able to activate more areas and even create as many maps as you think appropriate, and according to the needs of your Club.

2.  Create your Tables within the Floorplan

You can start by adding a Background, which can act as a guide when creating the different objects on your Map:

Add your areas and sections, as many as you think appropriate by clicking on the icons below. The one with the "S" will be the sections of your Map where you will add the different tables/bottles, while the other icon is to create general areas:

You can give a title to your areas, such as Stage, Dancefloor, Bathrooms, Stairs, etc:

Access the section by double-clicking on the area you have created for this purpose. Then add the tables/bottles you have in your club. Don't forget to create Categories, which will help you identify each table/bottle:

Once you have finished designing your VIP areas, tables, and floorplan, make sure that they are all categorized and numbered.
Once everything is correct, you can continue to the next step. Just press the Next button:

3. Define the price of each table / bottle on the map

Set the price of your tables / bottles by adding all the offers and prices you have in your Club.  To do this, click on the Create Table Offer button:

In the same way that you generate a RSVP for a Bottle Service, you will give a name to your offer, set a price, and give the capacity (number of people) that will fit on the table.
Add a description as well. Also add a photo, where you can clearly see the view that your club client will have from the VIP area/zone.

After that, select the tables for the offers you have just created.

Remember to correctly match the offer with the desired area on the floorplan, in order to avoid any inconsistency between offer and floorplan.

All tables must be have a price. It is not possible to leave one without an offer assigned to it.

Once everything  is created, set up and assigned, your floorplan will be completed. From now on, you will be able to assign it to the events you have published in Nightgraph.

4. Assign a floorplan to published events

When creating your event, you can add your floorplan by activating the Advanced Table Management option. You can also activate it in any of your already published events: 

Enable and edit all the existing Table Offers, according to the needs you have in your event:

Then click on the save button. Your event will automatically be published on your official sales channel with the Map you have created:

5. Track your Table / Bottle Service sales

By accessing your event report, you can easily see what type of bottle have been sold and at which price:

If one of them has been sold, it will automatically be disabled on the floorplan, and will not be available again for this event:

Congratulations! You can now be the first to use Xceed's advanced Table Management system.

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